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Citroen C2 / C3 2 Button Remote Key (649086)

Price excl. tax: £61.09
Price inc. tax: £73.31
    Weight: 0.043 Kgs
    Code: CIT-R11

    Genuine Citroen 2 Button Flip Remote Key. 


    Citroen Part Numbers: 649086 / 6554NR

    2 Buttons: Lock and Unlock

    Transponder: ID46 - PCF7961

    Frequency: 434 Mhz

    Key Blade: VA2

    Key Cutting: Key Code:
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    Genuine Citroen C2 / C3 Flip Remote Key


    Citroen Part Numbers: 649086 / 6554NR

    2 Buttons: Lock and Unlock

    Transponder: ID46 – PCF7961

    Frequency: 434 Mhz

    Battery: CR1620

    Key Blade: VA2


    This key comes complete with a transponder chip (ID46 – PCF7961) and can be supplied uncut, cut to code, or cut to the vehicle's door lock. To find out more about our cutting service please see the ‘key cutting’ link at the top of the page along with the information below.


    Suitable for the following models (Vehicles with CAN multiplex system.):

    Citroen C2 (2005 + )

    Citroen C3 (2006 - 2009)


    If you are unsure this is the correct part for your car you can send us the vehicle's VIN / chassis number and we will confirm the correct part number for you.


    Citroen Part Numbers:

    Uncut: 649086

    Cut: 6554NR


    Important Note:

    Citroen have changed part supplier for their remote keys. All remote keys are now produced by Delphi. For this part to work it may require a configuration change within the BSI. Customers are advised to read the technical service bulletin relating to this.  


    The key will need to be programmed before it will start the car. Please see the following guidance for who will be able to program this key type.


    Who can program this key?
    Citroen main dealer – Yes
    Independent garage – Yes
    Specialist auto electrician – Yes
    Professional vehicle locksmith – Yes


    Programming Method:

    Immobiliser: Diagnostically.

    Remote: Automatically with immobiliser.  




    Keys Cut to Code

    We can cut keys to the manufacturer's code. For this particular key the code will usually be with the service book and will look like the following: NL1HACCEDB.


    Keys Cut to VIN:

    For keys cut to VIN we cut the key to your VIN and supply you with the key code and immobiliser PIN required for programming (where available). To do this we require a copy of the inside page of the logbook / ownership document, detailing the vehicle's registration, VIN and vehicle owner's details. The vehicle owner's details must match the delivery address details when placing your order. Please scan or take a clear photo of the log book and upload it using the ‘upload a photo’ option.


    IMPORTANT:  Keys cut to VIN will be cut to the original locks of the vehicle. If the vehicle has previously had the locks changed then obviously this key will not work. Keys cut to VIN are non-refundable.




    Trade Customers:

    Customers who are in the locksmith or motor trade may register for a trade account. Trade account customers get preferential pricing and loyalty discounts. Please register using the link at the top of the page to find out more.


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