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We are looking to set up a technical information and support service for trade members. This will be a subscription based service which will allow the customer to request specific technical documentation, such as parts information, wiring diagrams, service bulletins, recall and campaign notifications, service and repair data, along with much more. This will be the original OEM documentation, the same information an authorised repairer would have access to.


The specifics of this service are to be determined but we are confident we can cover most common manufacturers. The price for the service will be monthly but the cost is yet to be decided. We aim to provide this service for around £50 - £75 per month.


If this is something you would be interested in please fill out the form here and we will contact you with the specifics when the service is available.

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BMW Key Programming

Please choose your BMW part from the below options. If you are unsure which is the correct part for your BMW, or the part fitted to your vehicle is not listed, then please use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website and we will inform you of the correct price for your unit.


NOTE: The products listed here are for a key coding service. You will need to send us your immobiliser unit and we will send you back programmed keys for your car / van.


BMW CAS4 Reading Service - MCU 5M48H & 1N35H

BMW CAS4 Reading Service 


EEPROM and flash rading service for CAS4 modules.


CAS4 part numbers: Various

Location of CAS Unit: Above drivers footwell.

Price excl. tax: £120.00
Price inc. tax: £144.00

BMW EWS Key Coding Service (61358387448)

BMW EWS Key Coding Service 


One new key cut and programmed to your BMW unit.


Landrover EWS Part Number: 61358387448

Location of EWS unit: Driver's side, above the pedals.

Price excl. tax: £70.00
Price inc. tax: £84.00
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