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Please choose your Volkswagen Fox remote or transponder key from the following options. If you can't find what you are looking for please use the contact form on the parts enquiry page of the website and we will find you the correct key for your car.


Volkswagen Transponder Key (HU66) ID48

Replica Volkswagen Transponder Key. 


Volkswagen Equivalent Part Number: 3B0 837 219 AS / 3B0 837 219 AL

Transponder: ID48

Key Blade: HU66

Price excl. tax: £14.95
Price inc. tax: £17.94

2 Button Remote Key for Volkswagen Fox (Aftermarket)

Aftermarket 2 Button Remote Key for Volkswagen Fox. 


VW Equivalent Part Numbers: TBC

2 Buttons: Lock & Unlock

Transponder: ID48

Frequency: 433 Mhz

Key Blade: HU75 (HU66)

Price excl. tax: £31.50
Price inc. tax: £37.80

Volkswagen Remote Flip Key Blade (ID48) - Square

Volkswagen Flip Remote Blade. 


VW Equivalent Part Numbers : 1J0837246AINB 

Transponder: ID48 

Key Blade: HU75 (HU66)

Price excl. tax: £14.95
Price inc. tax: £17.94
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